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A Time-Saver For Email Keystrokes: SHIFT_Delete

One of the best things about running programs in time management and personal organisation all over the country is the chance to learn some really great tips from people who attend my programs. 

This is one of the most useful email keystroke strategies I have ever learned. Nancy, a recent participant in my course, has provided me with this amazing email tip. You can also get more information via

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This keystroke command allows MS Outlook users to efficiently deal with SPAM and junk mail in their inboxes. This tip can be used whenever you receive "junk" or spam emails in your inbox. It is especially useful for messages you suspect may contain malicious spyware or illicit content. 

The "Double Delete” strategy is something most of us know. This involves deleting suspicious messages from your email inbox and then deleting the same items from your deleted items mailbox. 

This ensures that the message is completely removed from your system so it cannot infect your system. This tip will help you "shortcut” the process. Instead of hitting delete to delete the message and then going to your deleted items folder to delete it again, you can instead hit the "Shift” and "Delete" keys simultaneously. 

This will remove the entire message from your email account. Outlook users who are MS Outlook users will be prompted to confirm that they want to delete the entire message. Click "Yes" or "Enter" and it will disappear.