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Best Bike Wear Essentials For Maximum Protection

Mountain biking is an excellent sport and enjoyed by a growing number of people annually. When getting started there is a lot of excitement in deciding what mountain bike you are going to get for all those things you have planned. 

As important, once you've spent time on the mountain bike there are several mountain biking essentials yourself who are experts in custom-made, and that means protective gear. There are several essential pieces of gear you just must have every single time you venture out for this ride.


Mountain bike helmet – that is essential. Mountain Biking will almost necessarily involve a fall or wipe-out of some kind. A properly fitting mountain bike helmet can spare you from the bump on the head or worse.

Gloves protect the hands not merely in the event of a crash but also riding in areas of the close scrubby bush country and debris scattered by riders before you when moving at speed on tracks with loose soil, gravel, or sticks. 

Glasses with lenses that are interchangeable or transition lenses would be the most appropriate for changing light conditions and you can find lots of designs especially for cyclists. Whatever glasses you pick, they should be impact-resistant or shatterproof.

At the conclusion of each ride only place your gloves and glasses inside your helmet so that they have been together and ready each time you head outside the door to hit the road in the mountain bike.