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Building A Better Protective Gas Mask

One hundred years ago, Allied forces stood their ground in Ypres, preventing the larger and better-equipped German army from taking control of that strategic town in western Belgium. The following spring, Germany attacked again in the second battle of Ypres, spurring thousands of French colonial forces with chlorine.

That infamous event, which marked the first major use of poison gas as a weapon, introduced the world to the devastating effects of modern chemical warfare. The attack also sent scientists and manufacturers scrambling to develop protective gas masks.

One century later, scientists and engineers continued to improve gas masks and gas mask filters. Now you can find a wide selection of modern gas masks ranging from military grade, nato gas masks and protective gas mask hood on

Unlike in the early-20th century, when gas masks were designed mainly for limited military use, today’s breathing protection devices, known as air-purifying respirators, are standard equipment in numerous markets around the globe

More than 2 million avon respirators were used in around 65 countries. Not only were these kinds of masks used by military personnel, they’re donned by law enforcement agents protecting themselves from pepper spray during riots.