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Child Resistant Zipper and Packaging

Child resistant packaging come in a variety of zipper formats from press to close zippper exit bags to stand up pouch zippers. All styles need two-handed dexterity to open the package. Adults don’t have problems opening and accessing content, but it’s very difficult for children to do it.

All of child’s resistant bags are smell proof and designed to be Opaque, keeping the contents hidden from view, as required by many state laws These bags are good for all types of products, starting from cleaning “pods” that resemble hard candy to pharmaceutical products, herbal medicine, edibles, and concentrates, chlorine and detergent pods. You can find durable child proof zipper bags on

Think of security first. Durable construction makes bags difficult for children to open. Making the best packaging for your company is a profitable process. If your product has the potential to be dangerous for children, ensuring your packaging designed for safety is the key.

Child Resistant (CR) programs are designed to limit the threat of young people correctly opening a bundle and consuming potentially dangerous or hazardous products. CR packaging isn’t just a packaging add-on; it’s used as a poison prevention method to stop children from ingesting dangerous items.