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Have You made the Decision to Stop Drinking Coffee? Then Consider These Alternatives

Are you now ready to quit coffee, because you're worried about your blood pressure or disturbed sleeping patterns, or any other health issues? Unexpectedly, decaffeinated tea can trigger the same symptoms. It's not just the caffeine that stimulates your stomach. The enzyme in coffee can irritate the digestive tract.

You are in love with the taste and the whole experience of coffee. But if the decision is taken then coffee substitutes could be the solution.

Grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits make up the base for many coffee-like drinks. They can be roasted, simmered, or even boiled to remove the ingredients which create the final product, which is dried. It can be mixed with hot water, or prepared similar to regular ground coffee. You can also buy the best coffee substitute online from Sip Herbals.

Here are some substitutes which might be worth a try.

Caf-Lib Original Blend Caffeine-Free Grain Beverage

Caf-Lib is a quick coffee substitute that is made from roasted malt barley as well as roasted chicory. It's 100% natural and is free of chemicals, sugar, caffeine, or preservatives. Its flavor and appearance are like coffee but it does not suffer from some undesirable side effects of coffee.

Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee

Teeccino coffee substitutes are rich in inulin, a soluble fiber from chicory root that helps to improve digestion/elimination and increase the absorption of calcium and minerals. 

Cocoa beans are known to contain tiny amounts of caffeine. If you're either chocolate- or caffeine-sensitive, this might not be the drink suitable for you.