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Orton Gillingham Reading Program For Dyslexia In Charlotte

If your child is falling behind in reading, then you probably need an Orton Gillingham reading program. While there are many great reading programs out there, many do not work for kids with dyslexia. For kids with true dyslexia, an Orton Gillingham reading program is often the best type of reading program.

To get the best reading program, you can also contact Pams Orton Gillingham reading tutor in Charlotte NC.

Even if your child is not truly dyslexic, the Orton Gillingham dyslexia reading program is a great choice. The programs listed below are proven dyslexia programs. Research has shown they are effective in teaching children with true dyslexia to read.

Whether a particular Orton Gillingham reading program will work for your child will depend on your child's particular needs. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to the details of each program. Take note of the types of activities each reading program uses and see if they are activities your child will enjoy.

Each Orton Gillingham dyslexic reading program is slightly different in its teaching. Knowing your child's learning style, before choosing an Orton Gillingham reading program, can help you decide on the program that will most easily provide your child with learning.

If you choose a program that suits your child's learning style, you won't have to repeat classes too often. Orton Gillingham's reading program teaches phonemic awareness through direct and explicit instruction. Coping with dyslexia begins with the most basic element of reading, the phoneme.

Orton Gillingham's proven dyslexic reading program covers every phoneme in detail. Orton Gillingham's reading method is specific, consistent, and multi-sensory.