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PPE Kits For Protective Measures

Make sure PPE partially fills your work environment so that your employees have the right protective equipment for the right job when they need it.

Do not distribute PPE items again in special storage rooms. Allow a central supply cabinet to store your tools and materials while you keep track of all transactions and handle future reorder requests for medical-grade face shields or elitemed at TGL Medical.

Cleanliness at work

Return items to the dispenser to prevent spills in certain work areas. Know who checks what and when to hold employees accountable.

Control and standardize purchasing initiatives

By distributing the selected and specific types of goods and knowing the exact amount purchased and used, management only provides the safety equipment that the company wants to use. This prevents employees from spending on items that are not approved.

Maintenance of safety equipment

Used and damaged devices are tracked through a central database. Knowing the status of this tool eliminates wasted time when the next agent reviews the same item and then finds it doesn't work. Management can then determine the appropriate tools.

Trying to manually track any of the above and manage cost limits can be a daunting task for any manager. Let the technologically advanced dispensing system work for you.

The proven solutions simplify the distribution and management for maintenance, operation, repair, and production of accessories and safety devices in the work cage.