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Pregnancy Massage – Benefits And Precautions In Sydney

Are you pregnant? Are you stressed, cramped up, or sleep-deprived? A pregnancy massage may be what you need. While almost everyone enjoys the relaxation of a good massage, during pregnancy the benefits are even greater.

There are many physiotherapists available that provide reliable massage services. You can easily get the best pregnancy massage via

Before making an appointment, make sure about the following things:

Preventive measure:

* Find massage therapists who are specially trained and certified in pregnancy massage. You are aware of the following safety factors, but you should also be aware of them:

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* If you are at risk for premature delivery or have a bleeding disorder, do not try massage without talking to your doctor first. Some therapists may require medical approval from all pregnant clients.

* Avoid massage during the first trimester of pregnancy: increased blood flow during this time can make you dizzy and make morning sickness worse.

* Make sure you are in a semi-recumbent position, or lying on your side, with plenty of pillows for support.

* Avoid putting undue pressure on your knuckles or the strap between your thumb and index finger: prolonged pressure on these areas can lead to premature labor.

Once all security issues are resolved, relax and enjoy! Most pregnancy massages are completely safe and will benefit you and your growing baby. Most importantly, they help you relax and relieve stress. This alone can relieve many other ailments.