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Radon in Water and Air and Its Mitigation

Radon problems can be life-threatening and lead to lung or stomach cancer if not corrected properly. In the following sections, we will look at radon in water and air, and radon reduction methods, and how a qualified contractor can help lower radon levels in your home.


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Radon in the water – In water, these substances are ingested and inhaled and can cause stomach cancer. Gas is also released into the air when water is used in the shower or for other purposes around the house. 

You will most likely face this problem if you use groundwater from private wells or if the water supply system in your area uses groundwater.

The solution – Two solutions to this problem are POE and POE maintenance.

POE treatment – POE, or entry point treatment, removes gases from water at the point of entry to your home. POE uses a ventilation device or a GAC filter with a granular activated carbon filter, which is cheaper than a ventilation device. 

POE treatment – Onsite POE treatment can help remove this gas from tap water, but it can be used to handle all your water consumption in very small amounts.

The role of a qualified contractor – A qualified contractor will properly review the test results and notify you if additional testing is required. You can even search online for more information about radon mitigation.