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Recipe For Easy BBQ Ribs

Summer is the perfect barbecue time.BBQ is a crowd-pleaser that will undoubtedly bring the family together. Here's an easy barbecue rib rub recipe as well as some short advice to make your BBQ experience safe and enjoyable.

First, make sure that you ensure that things are safe:

Red Wine Barbecue Pork Ribs (Tender and Delish) - Easy and Delish

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1. The meat should be defrosted before cooking so that you don't overcook and prepare it in the refrigerator.

2. Refrigerate food for a few hours to marinate and don't use the marinade again unless you first boil it

3. Cooked meat should not be served on the same dish as raw meat (unless you clean it before re-using it)

4. Do not remove the meat until you are ready to cook it to avoid leaving it in heated temperatures for an extended period before cooking.

Follow the safety guidelines and you will have more fun during summer cookouts. My summer is going swimmingly. BBQs are a huge part of that. A simple BBQ Ribs recipe is one of my favorites. To make delicious rib rub quickly, follow these guidelines:

1. Marinate the meat or massage in the seasonings at least 1 hour before cooking; more is ideal, but if done too long, you may overload the meat, unless it's a tough cut. Anywhere between one and six hours is sufficient.

2. Without turning, grill the rib's bone side down until the bones detach from the meat. This is an important step in producing sensitive ribs.

3. Brush BBQ sauce or other sugary sauce on the last few minutes of cooking.

4. Allow the ribs to rest for 10 minutes before eating or carving to assist the meat to retain its moisture.

5. Tongs should be used to handle the meat because forks will penetrate it and allow the juices to escape. Piercing the meat decreases its taste and moisture.