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Safe Suntanning Tips – Tan Without Burning

Sunburn prevention is critical even if you've already been burned. Maybe it's too late to take back the damage you've done, but you can at least avoiding doing it again or making the burn you currently have worse.

Safe Sun-Tanning Tips

  1. Keep tabs on the daily UV index. It ranges from 1; the weakest – to 11; the strongest which gives you some idea of how intense the sun will be and how much you should limit your exposure to the sun. Check your weather forecast before you go out.
  2. Even if you use a high-SPF sunscreen, you can still get burned. Start slow with a short time in the sun and see how it goes from there. Consider first building a base tan by going to the tanning salon.

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  1. Some medications will make you sensitive to the sun, so check with your doctor if you are on any prescriptions. You may need to stay out of the sun or have your script changed. Also keep in mind that children under six months of age should never be exposed to extended sun or have sunscreen applied to them.
  2. The SPF (sun protection factor) of your sunscreen should be no less than 8, but higher is better. Don't forget to put sunscreen on evenly and apply it with extra care to places that are not normally exposed to sun.
  3. Re-apply your sunscreen if you go in the water or begin to sweat. Follow the directions on the bottle carefully and reapply every few hours.
  4. If you wear sunglasses, choose lenses with UV protection as the sun can damage your eyes. If you don't like the tan lines they leave, protect your face with a wide-brimmed hat or sit under an umbrella.
  5. Tanning will dry your skin making moisturizing very important. Aloe works well and also cools the skin. Cocoa butter is said to also work well while preserving a tan. Gently exfoliating with a sugar scrub or a loofah can help keep your skin looking smooth and feeling silky.