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Skyline Paintings – Barcode of A City

So far, there isn't much visual difference between the major cities, other than a few monuments and scattered church towers. We are now in a new era of towering skyscrapers.

Especially since the appearance of the cities of the Eiffel Tower, the Eiffel Tower has become an example of how they are known for their main structures that stand out and dominate the cityscape paintings.

Skyline Paintings - Barcode of A City

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Now when you think of Manhattan or Chicago, the Empire State Building or the Willis Tower comes to your mind, which makes this building almost the new mascot of our modern cities.

Cities around the world can now be identified by the silhouettes of towering glass and steel towers. With the emergence of this phenomenon a new art genre called "Urban Landscapes" emerged. This art genre has become one of the most common, if not the most popular, of modern art forms.

Each city has galleries filled with works by city artists. Great views of the city have a special value: Hong Kong, Manhattan, and Chicago. Analogized to the ceiling is the abundance of views and views of the city, especially from its center.

Influenced by this majestic structure, the artist has created beautiful horizontal paintings of the city from all possible angles and environments.

Watercolor gives the observer a feeling of freedom and freshness without affecting the details of the building. Watercolors are often combined with fur lines to add detail to certain scenes. Offices in major downtown districts have picked up many pieces of art from their city to adorn their walls and galleries.