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Bible Study on Revelations – Coordinating the Parallel Prophecies

Among the most ignored principles in the analysis of the Book of Revelations is the rigorous coordination of a single prophecy in a certain chapter together with that of its counterpart in a different chapter (or publication ).  

For people who may not be conscious of the definition of parallel prophecies, it's the sameness of called events in various areas of the Bible.  Therefore, for example, on your Bible research on Revelations, you will notice a prophecy in 1 chapter, and also in a different chapter, you'll also notice the same prophecy with less or more details.

Parallel prophecies aren't just restricted to a single book of the Bible; at the book of Daniel, for example, you will observe prophecies which are identical to those from the book of Revelations but are clarified using different phrases.  You can click this link here now now to know more about the bc and ad timeline. 

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It appears to me that God enabled the various prophets to use unique expressions and specifics, and distinct symbols in their own predictions of the identical occasion for a fantastic intent. But that hasn't stopped the skeptics from insinuating the promise that one prophet reproduced in another in his very own words.  

That to me is an unfair complaint under conditions in which testimonies are given in legal proceedings.  When an investigator is probing the circumstances of an injury and that injury had been seen by five people you'd expect these five people to each provides an exceptional description.