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Some Tips For Curing Separation Anxiety In Dogs

When you return from work your dog comes with you into your bedroom, which is where you discover that she's chewed the pricey footwear. The next neighbor arrives to complain the dog again drove the neighborhood mad with her constant whining. 

If this is a scenario that you are familiar with, the dog might be suffering from separation anxiety. If you want to get solutions to cure dog separation anxiety, hire dog separation anxiety specialist for the best treatments. They will tell you some tips such as no talk, no touch, no eye contact. It means don't make a big deal of the time you are leaving the home or when you return.

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By doing this you're telling your dog that leaving isn't much. Based on the degree of anxiety your dog has it may be necessary to keep the rule in mind for five minutes to an hour prior to leaving, and again when you return.

You can say goodbye to your dog before you go. If you're having trouble doing the silence, no talking, and no eye contact, be aware that your dog won't feel hurt if you don't say goodbye. Remember that you're doing this for your dog so you must be strong and don't make an enormous fuss about leaving.

Treat Dog Separation Anxiety By Trained Specialist

Did you know that separation anxiety affects 75 percent of all dogs who are adopted or rescued? Most home owners are unaware that separation anxiety is not a natural condition and requires you to take action. Here are some tips to help you fix this frustrating problem.

Dog separation anxiety does not mean your dog is mad at you. Your dog is simply anxious that you have left. He doesn't know how to cope with this change. Understanding what's going on inside your dog's head is the first step in solving the problem. You can consult a dog separation anxiety specialist via according to your dog’s behaviour. 


If you feel like nothing is working, you should see a dog behavior specialist. Here's what you can expect from them if you don't have the funds. Your dog will be calmed down by the veterinary doctor. They will then give you a behavior modification program to follow.

The plan will likely focus on getting your dog to go to bed before you leave. You can do this by taking your dog on a walk before you leave the house. To prevent any property damage, some dogs may be better placed in a doggie cage after a walk.

Exercise is the best treatment for separation anxiety in dogs. Walking, running, or playing a game of ball with your pet before you go will make your dog feel relaxed and ready to sleep while you're gone. 

Dogs also find radios and televisions soothing, since the background noises remind them of their owners. Dogs need mental stimulation to keep them interested. A puzzle-type toy with small treats can be a lifesaver for both your dog and you.