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All About Garden Edging

Garden edging serves numerous purposes. It contains soil from spilling over onto the turf of pathways, it deters invasive grasses and weeds from growing into your plant beds, and last, but by no means least, it adds a finished touch of style to any garden. You can buy best garden edging materials via

There are a multitude of different types of garden edging on the market, but this article will help you find the one that suits your garden.

Pine garden edging

One of the simplest forms of garden edging is to lay down some pine sleepers or logs. These are ideal for long, straight garden beds, but don't look so good quality around curved beds, although they can be cut into smaller lengths and staggered to fit around curves if necessary.

A slightly more sophisticated version of the same thing is purpose-made pine edging, sold in a roll and which can be manipulated to fit around curves as well as straight lines. Pine looks good in traditional and native gardens, blending in well with the colours.

Terracotta garden edging

This traditional option is harder to source nowadays – it's easily broken and relatively expensive. However, if you own a period home it may be worth the expense and extra care to maintain a style in your garden that reflects your home.