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The Ultimate Guide To Learn The Axe Throwing Game

Axe throwing is a simple point-collecting game with many options. Each time a player earns a point, the points are added to their team's total score. The first team to score "X" wins the game ("X" is determined based on time available and group skill level).

Note: Axe throwing game can be played from 0 and "X". Some players play it in descending order; they start from "X" and points will be reduced to 0. You can play the best axe throwing in Lancaster CA via

The Ultimate Guide to Axe Throwing - Rad Season

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To win the game, the team must land on the "X" exactly. If a team "fails" to score more points than "X", there are other options.

No points are awarded for the roll and no points are deducted. It means they are over the result limit. The game continues till one of the teams lands directly on "X".

The result is reduced to another predefined "Y" number (eg 50/30: If a team receives more than 50 points, the team returns to 30). The team that failed to land directly on “Y” lost.

Blue points:

Wildcard – When the bust rule is applied, blue dots have a worth up to 10 points (blue dots won't get you past the "X").

Pinball Result – If hit by the blue dot, you will get 10 points or a chance to exchange results with the opposing team.

Callers fired:

If the player calls his shot (point value), he gets double points for the throw (e.g. call 4 and hit 4 gives 8 points). If they miss the target they are awarded 0 points.