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Guide to Basic Web Hosting in Perth

If you are new to web business, you will find this article very important. The Web Hosting Basics Guide provides you with an overview of the terms used to describe hosting, the features you need for your website, and introductory aspects of web hosting.

You'll find this article full of helpful information to turn you into an informed web hosting customer. You can visit to get fast and reliable web hosting solutions in Perth.

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First, let's examine what a web host actually is. Hosting is a service that allows websites to be displayed on the Internet and the internet. The hosting company rents out special computer systems called servers to customers. These machines are called servers because they "host" files on the Internet.

Basically, the server forwards files to a web browser for display. When someone talks about web hosting, they mean the services offered by web hosting companies that rent servers or place servers on clients where the client uploads files to serve on the internet.

In most cases, the technical aspects of the server are in the hands of the host. Network maintenance, upgrade processing, errors, unauthorized access attempts and a myriad of other obligations are handled by the hosting company.

Shared hosting and many dedicated hosting plans are managed automatically. For tech-savvy people, an unmanaged dedicated server is sometimes a better choice. However, generally speaking, most webmasters are supported by servers managed by their web hosts.

The client can access the server through his account. Customer administration is managed through the control panel. Common control panels include cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk.