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How to Use Difficult Letters in Scrabble

The high-point letters in scrabble are an excellent opportunity to earn scores, however, they're also a double-edged sword sometimes, they're difficult to eliminate. This article outlines some strategies to get rid of these challenging letters.

In Scrabble, most points are awarded to the letters Z, X Z J, and Q. Although they are able to score high points, however, they also pose difficulties for players who don't know how to utilize these letters. You can also Discover Words for Scrabble & other Word Games online.

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If a player gets caught by any of the letters at the conclusion of their game that high-scoring tile will be deducted from their score, which could turn the game from an exciting game to a losing one.

The tiles of X, Z, and J are less a nuisance than Q. Q can cause the most problems since there's only one two-letter word QI. Most Q-related words require the U tile. 

Tournament players suggest using your Q the very first time Don't keep it in it in hopes of creating an extended, high-point word. The longer the game continues more likely is the possibility that there will be an I or U that you can use in conjunction with the Q.

The most versatile tile is X. of the high-point tiles, due to the reason that it has two-letter words in Scrabble that includes every vowel of the English language: AX, EX, XI, the XU. 

Learn these words and then use them in games that are played in parallel to ensure that the X is overlapping across two tiles. This is an easy method to make use of your high-point tiles to good effect.