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What is the role of a drayage specialist?

Drayage specialists are responsible for the safe and efficient movement of goods by truck. They must have knowledge of trucking regulations and equipment, as well as excellent communication and working relationships with other transportation professionals. A drayage specialist typically works for a freight company or transportation company.

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There are many reasons why companies may choose to rely on a drayage specialist. A drayage specialist can provide companies with a variety of transportation services, including trucking, shipping, and moving. The specialist can also help organize and manage a transportation project. In addition, a drayage specialist can help ensure that the shipment is delivered on time and in the correct condition.

Drayage specialists who work with trucks and trailers can be divided into two main categories: drayage operators and drayage brokers. Drayage operators are the people who actually operate the trucks and trailers. They typically have a degree in transportation or engineering, and most have experience operating heavy equipment. They are responsible for keeping the trucks and trailers moving and can also adjust the routes to best suit the cargo. 

Drayage brokers are different than operators in that they do not operate the trucks themselves. Instead, they act as middlemen between truckers and cargo owners. They negotiate rates with both parties, find new cargo routes, and keep track of inventory so that deliveries can be coordinated efficiently. Because they are not directly involved in moving cargo, brokers usually have a less formal education than operators.