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Whats Great About Growing Cannabis Clones?

The clones are exact replicas of a particular cannabis plant, it means that the clones share the same genes and grow very much like each other and to the parent plant. You already know a lot about cannabis clones because you know what the parent plant is.

There are many differences between seed plants, cloning gives you inside information about how the clone will grow, what results to expect, and how strong the buds are (and other characteristics may vary), even if the stem is the same. You can buy online the highly demanding top Michigan cannabis clones at

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You can easily pluck multiple branches of the cannabis plant at once, for dozens of new plants to become available in about a week.

Low Cost: As well as cloning consumables (which can be as simple as scissors and a glass of water), cloning is generally free.

You can take most of the clones in the marijuana plant's life although clones can take root a little more quickly during the growing season, you can take clones up to 2-3 weeks before harvest to save your favorite plants for future growth.

Plucking all shoots and expecting odd-looking cannabis branches to sprout from the flowering plant in the first week or two.

Clones have an advantage over seedlings:  unlike seedlings; each clone has the same age as the parent and is therefore fully mature.

As a result, clones grow much quickly than seed plants in the first few weeks, especially with larger clones. A newly rooted branch will grow faster than a similar plant growing from seed.