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Why Are Paraquat Lawsuits Being Filed?

Given the link between Parkinson's disease and paraquat, and the fact that the EPA has not banned the herbicide and manufacturers have not warned customers, the next step in protecting individuals and families from the effects of Parkinson's disease is within the legal system. In the United States, if a court can show that a person has been harmed by an otherwise preventable act or omission, citizens have the right to sue the negligent person, group, or company for promoting change and alleviating suffering.

In the case of paraquat, numerous 'paraquat Parkinson’s judicial proceedings' have been filed against the herbicide manufacturer. The lawsuits were filed by plaintiffs who suffered from exposure or who had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease after exposure to paraquat. By working with an experienced paraquat attorney, individuals or families can get the help they need in filing a lawsuit.

New Lawsuits Target Paraquat for Parkinson's and Kidney Disease

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In such cases it is stated that the manufacturer did not do the following:

  • Investigate the relationship between Parkinson's disease and paraquat appropriately.
  • Perform tests to determine the extent to which paraquat spray drift is possible and what effect it will have.
  • Warn consumers about the risks of exposure to paraquat.
  • Design, formulate and package weed killers so that they are impossible to inhale, ingest, or absorb.
  • Protect your workers from the side effects of paraquat.
  • Truly represents paraquat safety.

By filing a lawsuit against a manufacturer who negligently fails to do any of the above, the individual or family can receive compensation that can provide substantial benefits for a better life. While there is no cure for Parkinson's disease, new tests are done every day to help ease the effects and possibly find a cure.