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Why Putin Might be Already Losing Out The War in Ukraine?

Less than a week has passed since the war in Ukraine, and Putin appears headed for a historic defeat. Everything was fine for Vladimir Putin until February 24, when he decided to order a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Its longstanding military opposition has forced the West to address its security concerns.

His actions managed to intimidate Ukraine and its Baltic neighbors. In fact, he won the war on the diplomatic and intimidating front. On February 24, Putin ordered his troops to carry out special military exercises in Ukraine to maintain peace. And that's it, Russia became the most hated country in the world overnight.

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Two days later even Russians (thousands of them) were seen protesting in the streets of St. Petersburg is against this unfair war. The title of the story quickly changes from Russia's war to Putin's war in Ukraine.

The West, which has imposed many sanctions, is bombarding the Russian economy with newer and tougher sanctions. At the time of writing, we are on the 5th day of the Russian invasion, the Russian army has not yet captured the capital city of "Kyiv".

Both the Ukrainian army and the civilian population reacted strongly. The tests of courage by the Ukrainian army, government, and civilian population in recent days have prompted the entire international community to step out and support them.

Given all this, Putin could still take over Kyiv sooner or later, but at what cost. Will the 44 million Ukrainians accept a regime that violates the boundaries of their peace and sovereignty?

With almost all of Ukraine now turning against Putin, it is inevitable that Russia will not be able to defend its territory for long. Coupled with increasing pressure from the international community and strong economic sanctions from the West. The war imposed by Putin on Ukraine already seems futile.