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Buying the Perfect Reptile Vivarium

The reptile enclosure is the most basic component of any reptile habitat that anyone can establish. Since the vivarium is where your reptile will spend most of its life, it is very important to make sure that you purchase a high-quality housing unit (vivarium) for your pet. 

Luckily for you, I've had experience buying and trying out most brands and types of enclosure sold in both the US and UK, so I can easily explain to you which reptile housing units have the highest price for the lowest price. Quality that you can buy painlessly on the Internet. You can also navigate to and find the best reptile enclosure.

Different types of the enclosure

1. Most plastic enclosures are too small for adult-sized reptiles. If you want to keep a small reptile in an enclosure for minimal cost to you, buying a plastic vivarium is a great idea.

2. Glass enclosures are perfect for animals living in water-filled habitats, such as turtles or fish. This type of enclosure always has either a removable wire mesh top or a ventilation hood that provides ventilation only. Ventilation hoods may also include a lighting/heating unit which is necessary for monitoring (a very handy task) to ensure that your reptiles/animals do not overheat.

3. The most popular type of lizard enclosure is the wooden enclosure. The popularity is mostly because since lizards are agoraphobic, or have a fear of difficult escape from an enclosure, the visible walls of a wooden enclosure will prevent your lizard from entering them as lizards in a glass vivarium often do.

Because of this and because wood is part of their natural habitat, most reptiles feel more comfortable and relaxed in a wooden enclosure. Buying a wooden housing unit for your reptile can make a huge difference in its personality when it comes to both inside and outside the reptile enclosure.