Building A Better Protective Gas Mask

One hundred years ago, Allied forces stood their ground in Ypres, preventing the larger and better-equipped German army from taking control of that strategic town in western Belgium. The following spring, Germany attacked again in the second battle of Ypres, spurring thousands of French colonial forces with chlorine.

That infamous event, which marked the first major use of poison gas as a weapon, introduced the world to the devastating effects of modern chemical warfare. The attack also sent scientists and manufacturers scrambling to develop protective gas masks.

One century later, scientists and engineers continued to improve gas masks and gas mask filters. Now you can find a wide selection of modern gas masks ranging from military grade, nato gas masks and protective gas mask hood on

Unlike in the early-20th century, when gas masks were designed mainly for limited military use, today’s breathing protection devices, known as air-purifying respirators, are standard equipment in numerous markets around the globe

More than 2 million avon respirators were used in around 65 countries. Not only were these kinds of masks used by military personnel, they’re donned by law enforcement agents protecting themselves from pepper spray during riots.

Play Station Network Codes – All You Need to Know

Playstation network codes were made to meet certain needs but end with more benefits. Initially, it was intended as an easy way to add online funds to the PlayStation Store account without using a credit card. It’s very convenient for teenagers who don’t have their own credit cards or whose parents are reluctant to enter their information online.

The idea is very popular so now you can get a Playstation network card at various retail outlets other than game stores that sell games and systems. You can also find online psn codes on PSN codes are usually used to buy weapons and outfits for game characters. These are the virtual currencies used for playing games.

PlayStation network cards are easy to redeem, too. Of course, you must join the PlayStation network, and unlike Xbox Live membership is free of charge and joining is quick and simple.

Once you log in, all you have to do it click the “redeem” button. You will then enter the 12 digit code on the card and the fund is immediately transferred to your online wallet!

Even though the card itself expires twelve months after purchase, you can keep funds in your wallet as long as you want without the danger of losing it.

Significant Benefits of Constructing Steel Framed Buildings

At present, most construction companies use steel frames when building infrastructure. Structural steel is not only used in building large skyscrapers, garages or vast warehouses, but can also be used to build agricultural buildings.

In fact, the agricultural building made of steel is very beneficial for farmers throughout the world. The days of age-old and regular wooden sheds or barns are gone. With the advancement of recent technology, steel buildings are used by farmers to raise livestock and store agricultural equipment. Read more to find out about various benefits of steel buildings.

In various places like, people put up steel buildings because of the many advantages they offer. The flexibility and properties that can be adjusted from these special materials allow designers to create various types of architectural and design styles. Apart from all that, there are many advantages to using steel to build a building frame, which are the following:

Strength & Pliancy.

With a steel frame building, the architect gets more freedom to experiment with color, texture and shape. Combination of durability and excellent strength gives them a broad range to see more ideas and produce new solutions. The building made with steel has the ability to offer large open spaces without the need for large columns and load bearing walls.

Very affordable

Steel weight is far less than wood. But when you weigh a piece of wood and steel, the latter can weigh more because of its structural density. However, when it comes to frame a building, steel beams will prove to be the lightest rather than wooden beams. In addition, using steel in building buildings reduces labor costs and shipping costs. It can also bring a lot of simplicity in designing building foundations and other supporting systems and helping you reduce the project budget.

Protective Gas Masks And Filters

Filters and gas masks are used to shield from the toxic effects of biological and chemical agents. It protects us from chemicals like hydrogen cyanide, chlorine, phosgene, mustard agent, and these chemicals were used during World War I. These chemicals caused several casualties among allied forces and created the need for protective masks.

Since then gas masks have evolved and protected against all types of known chemical and biological agents. Gas masks use various techniques to shield the user. But the common components like eyepieces, facepiece, hood, and filters are present in almost all masks.  Check out here to find various types of modern gas mask  and protective hood systems.

The most basic mask uses the filtration technique. Pollutants generally have larger particles than oxygen and by using a fine mesh these can be kept out. The other process uses the absorbing qualities of specific chemicals such as activated charcoal to manage the harmful agents.

Such masks have limited use, as they can absorb only a few chemicals. The present-day masks use the method of chemical neutralization. These masks contain chemical filters that neutralize the harmful chemicals present in the air.