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Can DNA Testing Determine Our Fitness?

Advances in genetics have been able to link specific DNA results with fitness and nutrition to enable everyone to maximize their personal goals through a deeper understanding of their personal genetics. While you obviously can't change your genes, you can change your exercise and diet to suit your genetic profile.

DNA testing services are used to assess various health-related fitness factors based on genetics. It is a series of tests designed to analyze the relationship between genes, diet and lifestyle to provide a valuable tool for managing health and wellbeing.If you are looking for a  best DNA test in Ireland navigate to 

DNA lab

Following are the DNA testing benefits: 

  • Scientists have carried out countless studies on the existence of such a correlation between genes and human traits. These studies seem to have been narrowed down to a revolutionary fact showing that genetics affects a person's diet and fitness.

  • Our genes determine how we respond to different foods and exercise. Knowing your options gives you access to the kinds of personalized training plans that were once only available to elite athletes.

  • This turned out to be a proven link – how the body responds to food and exercise. These include things like sensitivity to carbohydrates, salt and saturated fat; risk of lactose and gluten intolerance; individual need for antioxidants and vitamins; and caffeine and alcohol metabolism.

  • There is now a good opportunity for fitness enthusiasts to find out if they have a natural talent for endurance sports (such as running, cycling, or swimming) or strength sports (such as sprinting or weightlifting); their aerobic potential; and how quickly their bodies recover between workouts.

These are some of the benefits of DNA testing. There are many laboratories in Ireland  that perform various types of tested and safe DNA tests for health and wellness.