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Different Types of Footwear

Footwear basically likes the clothes worn on the foot for protection against elements. Socks and other types of hosieries are usually used between footwear and feet. This case is different from flip-flops and sandals. This type of footwear can be worn with bare feet. Flip flops are actually slip-on casual.

This type of footwear usually has a y-shaped strap and makes a flip-flop sound whenever they get used to walking. Well, this is because the rope is not completely secured to the ankle. Usually, they are made of rubber or plastic, and they are waterproof. You can buy any type of footwear at

Lately, flip-flops have been in fashion. So, they are no longer just simple beachwear. In fact, they can be used for daily trips or even when going shopping. On the other hand, sandals are the type of footwear that displays soles secured by the rope to the foot. They are not like most footwear because they expose legs.

Also, they are the most exhausted during the summer because they help keep the legs cool, comfortable, and dry. Then, there are also mules. This type of footwear is backless shoes with closed toes. They are preferred by many people because they are very easy to use. Users only need to enter and come out. In addition, the height of the heel of this type of footwear can vary according to style.

However, this does not mean that they can only be worn by women who like high heels. In fact, bagels can also be worn by men. These backless shoes are available in many beautiful styles and colors. However, there are also shoes. These types of footwear are simple and practical. They have flat heels and no buckles. Often, they are made of leather or synthetic skin.