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Explore How Human Activities Impacting The Climate System

Scientists agree that global warming can be attributed to human activity. Evidence suggests that certain heat-trapping gasses, like carbon dioxide, are warming our planet. We also release these gases when we use fossil fuels such as coal, oil or gas.

Following are the evidence showing human influence on climate change:

  • Rising carbon dioxide levels

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the heat trapping gas in our atmosphere that has been responsible for most recent warming. It was measured over several decades. Over the past 150 years, the concentration of CO2 has risen dramatically from an average of 280 parts per Million (ppm) in preindustrial times to more than 400 ppm today. These annual averages of CO2 are not likely to be lower than they were for hundreds and years.

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  • Increase in Global Warming

Analysis These trends strongly suggest that it is unlikely that 13 of the 15 most warm years in history would have happened without the emission from oil and coal burning. This is also supported by the evidence.

It is clear that CO2 emissions are unlikely to be significantly reduced while human population growth and urbanisation remain unchecked. Every additional human being on our planet consumes more natural resources, produces further waste, requires more food and energy, and demands more access to transport and technology. And in turn, population growth adds further pressure on the earth’s natural ability to absorb emissions and regulate temperatures.