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Lawsuit Against Presence Of Heavy Metals In Baby Foods

Metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury can be found in some baby food products. This lawsuit is the result of a class action on behalf of families who have children with toxic levels of these metals.

What is the Baby Food Metals Lawsuit?

The Baby Food Metals Lawsuit was filed by three law firms that represent parents against the baby food industry. It is a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all parents who purchased infant formula that was made with metals. The lawsuit alleges that these companies have been adding heavy metals in baby food in order to lower costs and increase profits for other companies.

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Who are the Plaintiffs in the lawsuit?

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit are as follows:

  • Parents of a six-month-old infant who was diagnosed with and treated for lead poisoning
  • The parents of an infant who had high levels of arsenic in his blood, which led to his death
  • A woman whose baby was born with low birth weight and died shortly after birth

How can I avoid having my baby food tested for heavy metals?

A lawsuit was filed against the United States Food and Drug Administration. The plaintiffs of the lawsuit claim that baby foods have been contaminated with heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. If you are thinking about having your baby food tested for heavy metals, there is a wide range of products that this test cannot detect because it only detects metals found in a certain concentration.