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Learn About The Symptoms Of Vertigo In Edmonton

Vertigo is a condition that affects your sense of balance and motion. In some cases, the vestibular system is affected by injuries or diseases that affect your skull, brain, or inner ear. 

There are several different types of vertigo, but all share some common symptoms. These include: feeling like one's head is spinning, a sense of imbalance or unsteadiness, seeing bright flashes or spots, and hearing sounds that are unclear or phantom. You can get more information on vertigo treatment by visiting different online websites.

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The symptoms of vertigo usually begin gradually and worsen over time. Some common symptoms are: feeling like you are spinning or rotating 360 degrees; difficulty seeing straight; nausea; vomiting; lightheadedness; and feeling like you are falling.

There are many possible causes of vertigo, including head injuries, brain tumors, and certain medications. Treatment typically involves medication to calm the symptoms and rest. If the vertigo is caused by a head injury, treatment may include surgery to remove the object that is causing the vertigo.

No matter how long you may have struggled with vertigo and dizziness, orthopedic or sports physiotherapy can offer a long-lasting cure. Techniques for vestibular rehabilitation will include therapies like the Epley maneuver. Patients who are dealing with BPPV are advised to try this unusual therapy.

Adjusting your displaced calcium crystals in your inner ear involves moving the canalith. In order to determine the root of the issue and treat your vertigo and dizziness, a physiotherapy clinic  in Edmonton will administer an evaluation test.