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How To Keep Your No Show Socks From Slipping

We all love to wear shoes, moccasins, ballerinas, or heels and flaunt them with our outfits. But at the end of the day, it's not uncommon for us to experience sore feet with smelly shoes when we don't wear socks underneath.

However, there is another problem with wearing socks – how do you hide them in your shoes? And it is easily solved by the great invention of no socks, also called invisible socks. But what is it? Does wearing unfamiliar socks under shoes solve the problem? I know what you're thinking – in general!

Invisible socks tend to slip easily over our heels and under our feet. And all day long we feel very uncomfortable or we keep on wearing our socks. You can buy the best  no show socks at

So how do we solve this problem? Well, just read on.

1. Good stuff for victory

The invisible slipping of socks depends a lot on the material. For ballerinas, moccasins, or heels, it's a good idea to wear light socks with a soft material that will fit easily into your shoes. 

2. Coverage issues

The idea is to wear socks depending on the type of shoe and the size of the sock. Allows the best coverage of the sock. And if you feel like you can't find a variety of socks that don't show up, you'll have to look again!

3. Pay attention to the size

Size is a factor to check with any type of purchase, but when it comes to socks that don't show up, we don't pay much attention to them. You will have to do a little research and find the perfect sock size that fits you or your shoe size. 

4. Check the silicone handle

Socks that don't pop up can get caught on the feet with the help of silicone grips. The better the silicone grip, the better the grip on your feet. So it's best to have this checked when buying new non-performance socks.