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Can The Himiway Cruiser Actually Get 60 Miles On One Charge?

One of the bold claims of the Himiway Cruiser is you can ride up to 60 miles on one charge, which is a very appealing marketing claim. The truth is, most riders will not achieve 60 miles on one charge in real life riding conditions. Often times when electric bike manufacturers with the claims of their bikes, they don't account for how an actual bike rider will be using the bike. This is why YouTube reviews of electric bikes are very beneficial to potential consumers in understanding what kind of range you will actually get.

In the Himiway Cruiser review on TailHappyTV, Matt completes three different range test to give potential customers a good idea of what kind of range you'll get on this eBike. In the first range test he actually got just over 40 miles, which included mixed riding. In the second range test of this electric bike, that did not pedal at all, instead he used the twist throttle and maxed the bike out almost the entire ride. He even took the bike out in the sand and put it through a brutal range test in the harsh conditions. In the second Himiway Cruiser range test TailHappyTV concluded the bike could do about 20 miles under these conditions. In the third and final range test, the Himiway Cruiser was able to do just under 45 miles while riding at speeds of about 18 mph on average. This was a high speed test were a rider uses the pedals and not the twist throttle.

Overall the Himiway Cruiser performs well in the range category which is not a surprise considering how large the battery pack is. With 840 watt hours of energy in the lithium ion battery, 40 miles of range can be expected for many riders. For those of you who weigh less than 140 pounds, you'll probably be able to get much more range from the Himiway Cruiser, but the downside is you may not fit the bike well because it's such a large machine. To learn more about this popular electric bike and decide if it's the right eBike for you, you can watch Himiway Cruiser reviews on TailHappyTV over on YouTube.