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Discover How ASVAB Exam Scores Relate to Choosing Your Job Specialty in the Armed Forces

Each service agency has its requirements for ASVAB test results. Job seekers and military personnel use test results to analyze what military assignments are certified for. After the ASVAB test, you will need to speak with your military supervisor to discuss the results you will receive from ASVAB. 

It will make things difficult for someone unfamiliar with military service or ASVAB. So be sure to ask your employment agency what a certain expression means if you are confused. You can learn from the online ASVAB course at to clear the ASVAB exam for joining the army.

• AFQT score – This score is obtained by calculating your math and English scores on the ASVAB test. The result equips your fort to the full capacity of the US Army.

• Standard Rating – This refers to the ranking you will get in arithmetic, spoken expression, and other ASVAB categories.

• Linear Score – This is where all standard scores related to military performance are collected.

As you progress through the qualification system, the military division you wish to join will understand your qualifications for a job in that service division. If you do well, you will find that you have the job you look forward to. If you don't get good results, you will find that your options are limited.