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The Automatic Pool Covers: Essential Tips for Consumers

Those having swimming pools in their residence should seriously consider buying an automatic pool cover. This helps to protect the water from leaves, insects, and dirt when the swimming area is not in use. They prevent evaporation and help retain heat in the water, saving on heating bills.

Automatic pool covers are also an effective safety measure as they can help protect small children and pets from water. However, not all systems are the same. Remove the mystery from the buying process by following this basic guide.

If you want to buy an automatic pool cover for your swimming pool, then you can navigate

1. Choose the system: electric or hydraulic

While the electric and hydraulic automatic pool covers are powered by an electric motor, the hydraulic version consists of some more complex parts. This version is equipped with a very durable hose, making the system more expensive than the electrical system. 

2. Consider the built-in cap pump

The water pump helps drain standing water from the top of the lid. If you choose a model with this handy feature, the pump will automatically pump out the accumulated water. This eliminates the need for an external pump and manual power. 

3. Consider a wireless connection

Looking at the latest technologies and innovations, savvy users can opt for a system that includes a touchpad with WiFi. This high-tech add-on connects to a home WiFi network. This option allows users to receive notifications on their smartphones over their existing wireless connection.