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Find a Gift Idea For Any Occasion

Motives for giving

The altruistic motives of giving are primarily aimed at maximizing the satisfaction of the recipient of the gift. The agonistic motives of giving are primarily aimed at maximizing personal satisfaction.

Of course, altruistic motives are much more desirable but sometimes it is difficult to see the difference between these two types of gift motives. The material value of a gift can be crucial in how the gift will be viewed by the recipient. Very expensive gifts are just an example of this.

If the bond between the giver and the receiver is very strong, like a spouse, then such an expensive gift will surely be accepted altruistically. The spouses will certainly not blame each other for either the expensive or the cheapest gift. You can also get gift guide strategist online.

Occasions in which spouses give gifts in addition to the classic ones for birthdays, Christmas, and New Year are the most common wedding anniversaries. The wedding anniversary is something most special about a spouse and gifts for the occasion are priceless. You can find wedding anniversary gift ideas in our wedding anniversary gifts category.

Also, if it is a gift of close family members, parents, or children, the same rules apply. Any gift from a parent to their children or vice versa will be accepted altruistically regardless of the material value of that gift.

You can find gift ideas for children in our category gifts for babies and children, while gift ideas for parents can be found in the category gifts for parents. In all other situations, one should be very careful and resourceful so that our gift is not perceived as agonistically motivated or as self-promotion. Let's go in order.